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  • It’s time to tell agents they can no longer meet with complete strangers in empty houses August 22, 2014
    This past weekend, an agent in my local market was holding a new construction home open when two men arrived, said they worked for the builder and were there to pick up materials. As they loaded their truck, she became ...
    J. Philip Faranda
  • 5 sales metrics real estate brokers shouldn’t be ignoring August 22, 2014
    Did you miss our webinar last week? As part of our Broker Success series we had a great discussion with our expert panelists, and learned how great Pipeline ROI is for helping brokers achieve the results they are looking for. Catch the summary and replay below! ...
    Laura Monroe
  • Ditch the ‘Monkey Bars Approach’ to thrive in real estate sales August 22, 2014
    Viewers tuning in to CBS to watch “I Love Lucy” on a September evening 62 years ago might not have known that they were about to witness one of the most iconic scenes in sitcom history. Thanks to reruns, countless viewers around the globe have since watched Ricky challenge Lucy to get a job for a week, leading her and her best friend, Ethel, to get a job in
    Bret Calltharp
  • Incompetence seems to be the rule rather than the exception August 22, 2014
    Most of the stress in my life these days is caused by people who don’t do their jobs and by companies that make promises they can’t keep. Someone was supposed to be taking care of my parents, but they are ...
    Teresa Boardman
  • How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the data-hungry client August 22, 2014
    When consumers want every detail and their faith in sales professionals depends on authority and transparency, it's time to stop fearing data and embrace it, says Kevin O'Connor, CEO of research engine FindTheBest ...
    Inman News

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  • Sold: Julia Stiles’ Gramercy Park Condo August 21, 2014
    The stage and screen actress listed her condo about a year ago and finally sold it for $2.7 million.
    Emily Heffter
  • July Data: Buying Is a Bargain, But Renting Remains Expensive August 21, 2014
    U.S. home buyers should currently expect to pay 15.3 percent of their incomes to a mortgage on the typical home, while renters should expect to pay about 29.5 percent of their income to rent.
    Cory Hopkins
  • How to Own a Vacation Home With Friends August 21, 2014
    Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t turn your dream house into a nightmare.
    Vera Gibbons
  • What You Can Buy for $300,000 August 21, 2014
    Curious how much house you can get for your money in other parts of the country? Here's what $300,000 can buy in cities across the United States.
    Sharona Ott
  • States With the Most Million-Dollar Homes August 21, 2014
    A new Zillow data analysis shows which states have the highest percentage of homes that cost $1 million or more. Here's what $1 million buys you in each of the top 10 states.
    Emily Heffter